Jul 22, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different

When I returned to my WIPs over the weekend, I sadly discovered that my wrists grew sore after only knitting for about half an hour.  This, my friends, is unacceptable!  But I have to accept it, I suppose, or else I'll make myself miserable. So, what's a crafty girl like me meant to do? Yeah, you guessed it ~ try something new!

Ever since I started weaving, I've been wanting to make a rag rug so I did some research and went into action.  I pulled all my old bed sheets out of my linen closet and picked two queen-size flat sheets that should have been retired many years ago. I tore them into 2.5 inch strips and split-spliced them together.  

I then went to my local DIY big box store, picked up some dowels and elbow connectors, and McGuyvered (yes, that's a word, right?) myself a 3x4 loom.  I've never felt more geeky but in a really good way!

This is my progress so far, and I'm pretty happy with the result.  These aren't colors I would particular want in either my kitchen or bathrooms but as a first sample, I'm loving it.  Oh, did I mention that I have a fantastic local fabric store in my neighborhood?  Tomorrow calls for rain so guess what I'll be doing?

Jul 19, 2014

In Need of Some Loving

Do you know what happens when you discover a new passion, a new love?  This …

Yes, this is my pile of languishing and neglected works-in-progress.  Ever since I started weaving on my rigid heddle loom, whatever free time I have is spent gleefully warping and wefting.  But here's the thing ~ the other night, I learned that weaving isn't conducive to watching movies or chatting with friends.  In fact, I need to pay a lot of attention to what I'm doing and taking my eyes off the loom leads to some rather bad mistakes!

Trillian Shawl in Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label 

After coming to terms with the fact that I'm not a social weaver (or at least not yet), I need to pull out my knitting again and catch up with my summer list of movies to watch and all the coffee dates I want to make with friends.  

Portico in Malabrigo 

Let's see if I can get these projects off the needles before the end of July because in all honesty, I've got a whole slew of weaving projects I'm dying to work on.  ; )

Jun 18, 2014

A New Happy Place

I can't explain why or how this happened, but clearly 2014 has become the year of trying new things. Knitting is still my go to happy place but after making my first scrapbook last month, I felt the crafty part of myself expand a little. I had a ton of fun scrapbooking, but I already know that I'll only work on a scrapbook intermittently.  BUT after trying another new craft recently, I can absolutely tell that I've found a new happy place.

Remember when I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole?  Well, I stumbled upon this amazing artist, and when she announced that she would be teaching a basic weaving class, I jumped at the chance and secured a spot.  My class, which was held in a coffee bar in Brooklyn, was filled with an incredibly warm group of women.  The excitement was palpable and I loved how open everyone was to learning something new.

Maryanne is one of the most generous, patient, and passionate teachers I've ever studied with ~ her instructions, both verbal and visual, are clear, concise, and encouraging.  The atmosphere was truly one of sharing, and I think we all wished the class could have gone on for hours and hours.  Another big bonus was getting to work with Tanis' hand-dyed yarns in a completely different form.  I've knit with TFA yarns before and love Tanis' amazing color sensibility so to experiment with her yarns on a loom was fantastic. 

My first project is going very slowly (mainly because I haven't had much time to work on it this week), but I'm enjoying weaving so much and am so excited for all the projects I want to start.  As I'm sharing this with you, I'm finding that I'm having a hard time expressing what this new craft means to me but I hope, over time, I'll be able to articulate better how weaving is becoming my new very happy place.

Me and Maryanne

Jun 1, 2014

A New Project for A New Month

Did May pass by as quickly for you as it did for me?  If today is an indicator of how quickly June will also fly by, I'm in trouble.  It's already mid-afternoon and while I've been productive (a 5k run, grocery shopping, laundry, a trip to the library to pick up this book which I'm excited to read), I still have so much on my to do list for the rest of the day!

One thing that I'm definitely going to do is swatch for my new June project with this gorgeous yarn that I picked up yesterday at my LYS.


I'm going to knit a Portico tee for the summer, and I know that this color way is going to keep me smiling all the way to the bind off. 

But what was I up to in May?  I fell down another rabbit hole and have started scrapbooking (thanks to my uber talented sister whose scrapbooks are truly a work of art).  

And I cast on a summer cardigan for Miranda of my own design.  She has an arm's length list of sweaters she'd like me to knit, and there's no way that I can refuse.  

But this afternoon, I'm going to do some knitting for my own summer wardrobe so excuse me while my ball winder calls.